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Subdivision applications

Subdivision applications are processed through SPEAR and can only be lodged by a registered Land Surveyor. For subdivisions involving development proceed below.

Planning permit process

Any material submitted with this application, including plans and personal information, will be made available for public viewing, including electronically. Copies may also be made for interested parties to review as part of a planning process.

If you have any concerns please contact council's planning department.

 Application typeInstructions
ePlanning - Planning AdviceSubmit a planning enquiry when you need a written response or confirmation from our Planning department.
Report and consent applications

Your application for report and consent must be accompanied by a site plan, floor plan and elevations of your proposal; the report of any relevant authority, application fees and the written acknowledgement of any affected neighbour. To gain the acknowledgement of your neighbour, you will need to complete Part A of the Neighbours response to report and consent form and have your affected neighbour complete Part B. The affected adjoining property owners should state that they have seen plans and documentation of the proposal, are aware of the implications of the variation and have no objections.

You may also need our consent for the demolition of most buildings and for the alteration to the facade of buildings.

Submissions by private building surveyors only

Private building surveyors are able to notify or lodge with Council building permit activity and pay statutory fees online. Your submission requires very basic data to be entered, the attachment of relevant documents then credit card payment. For permit amendments, subsequent staged permits, notices and order or Section 73 submissions, please use the email system.
 Application typeInstructions
Building File Information RequestA building file search fee is payable on application and covers the cost of the search and delivery of the first 12 pages of the requested documents, (if located). Additional fees are applicable for further pages and any document larger than A3 in size. No guarantee is given to the quality of the copies provided.

Documentation is generally available for building permit records less than 25 years old but the likelihood of locating older permits is greatly reduced. Council does not hold all building records, particularly for the original construction of dwellings by the Ministry of Housing, Department of Health and Human Services and like State Government entities.

Due to the complexity of the searches required, applications may take up to 10 business days to be processed.